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Rudrabhishek Enterprises Limited

About REPL:

Rudrabhishek Enterprises Limited (REPL)

is an integrated Urban Development & Infrastructure Consultants, having legacy of more than 25 Years. Withrange of services to deliver end-to-end consultancy in diverse sectors. REPL group is uniquely positioned to manage projects right from the ideation stage and carry it through planning, designing, execution, and finally marketing. They are capable enough to take up a greenfield or brownfield project and convert it into an integrated Hi-tech Township, Smart City, IT Park or SEZ.The diverse consultancy services include Viability Analysis, Infrastructure Services, Urban Planning & GIS, BIM Consultancy, Building Area & Design, Structural Engineering Design, Services Design (MEP), PMC & RERA Consultancy, and Strategic Marketing Advisory.REPL is listed on country’s largest stock exchange NSE – Emerge.

The Set-up:

REPL were using an in-house developed payrolltoolwith features build to care of their current policies. The inputs such as attendance, leave data were supposed to be entered manually using upload option which was a time-consumingtask & major manual work. There were biometric devices deployed at different checkpoints in each of their offices to register the attendance of the employees. However, the output was not in sync and manual intervention was required to pull-out the attendance data. They were following paper-basedappraisal processwhich was a 100% manual process and thus time consuming with high chances of human error and biased practice.
Since a large base of project managers work on different projects with different tasks running at same time, they have implementedMicrosoft Navision ERPto take care of all the aspects of a business but majorly it was used to take care of Tasks & Projects mapping since entire project planning was taken care here and thus too much dependency on this tool.It was also used to maintain the HR information of the employees, but it was capturing limited information.

The Challenge:

Though MS Navision was helpful in creating tasks-based timesheets for different resources assigned on different projects running in parallel, however, there was not validation on the no of hours entered in timesheetsagainst no. of hours employee’s attendance is registered which showed lesser transparency and financial imbalance on the project cost overall. Also, there was no workflow for resource to submit their timesheet and project manager reviewing it.
HR information is backbone for any organization and if it is not capturing the required data, it can then create lot of gaps. Here, this was a challenge for them.
Due to in-house developed payroll tool, though system was only taking care of their existing payroll logic, it was not having much flexibility to configure other payroll rules, thus creating barrier. Also, it was not integrated with leave & attendance and thus these data need to be updated manually in the tool. Also, taking care of statutory compliance reports was a major challenge.
Employees were not having system access to make their leave & attendance applications nor to view their own information.
Also, they wanted to have system to take care of their appraisal process in a better and advanced manner along with generating MIS reports and analytical reports.

The Solution:

Considering their old practice of manually taking care of different areas of HR processes and increasing challenge of taking care of employee timesheets, REPL contacted Beehive in early 2017 and explained us their key challenges and their expectation from an HRMS tool.
After thorough study by the Beehive team, we identified the modules they require to implement so that it will automate their existing manual processes. We first recommended them Beehive’s Task & timesheet module wherein we integrated MS Navision with custom built APIs and developed some functionalities which will take care of validating their attendance, leave status, syncing their weekly offs and calculating even few minutes of calculations based on the slabs created as part of their process. This helped employee to fill-up their timesheets on weekly basis and submit them to their project managers for approval. Also, using the customized reports, they were able to generate the desired output in different types of reports helping them in calculating their pay-outs.
We then suggested them to implement HRIS, Attendance, Leave & Payroll modules so that the core functionalities are in place and every employee will have the access to the system as per their eligibility. This will not only save humongous time of HR’s but it will also empower employees by having access to general information such as upcoming events, important communication from management, circulars / bulletins and also policy documents.
Also, by enabling Beehive’s performance management system, client was able to not only conduct paperless appraisal cycle but also achieved far better results by adopting the required appraisal method from multiple options.