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Our HRMS Solutions

Hr Essentials

  • Capture & Manage Employee Master file
  • Set Up and map org Levels and Multiple companies
  • Easy access control set up for data
  • Get Analyzable insights on Emp Data

Leave Management

  • Flexible policy set up
  • Integration with supporting functions
  • Shift scheduling and other compliances
  • Mobile based ESS transactions

Exit Management

  • Resignation approval workflow
  • No Dues clearance process
  • Full and Final Settlement
  • HR Exit questionnaire and feedback

Payroll Management

  • Unlimited earning and deduction calculation
  • Flexi Basket and benefits administration
  • Statutory compliances and filling support
  • Reimbursement, loans and IT computation

Travel Management

  • Define eligibilities and entitlements
  • Travel and Expense approval workflow
  • Multi-Currency support on calculations
  • Reimbursement, loans and IT computation

Performance & Goals

  • KRA and Goals set up with approvals
  • Support multiple assessment methods
  • Continuous feedback mechanism
  • Appraisals and Letters

Training Administration

  • Training Calendar Broadcast
  • Self-nomination and recommendation
  • Training Needs Identification
  • Training Effectiveness feedback

Recruitment & Onboard

  • Manpower planning and budgeting
  • Requisition and approval workflow
  • Integration with job portals
  • Candidate e-onboarding

Grievance Management

  • Flexibility to define helpdesk functions
  • Location specific workflow
  • Employee Feedback
  • SLA and Escalation matrix

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Key Features


Covers entire gamut of HR activities for employees and HR in the organization


Secured application designed to keep data security as primary importance

Greater ROI

Automation save time and concentrate on business activities and happier workplace


Caters to vertical specific Hr activities and requirement of each business

API Ready

Connect HR with your business systems easily and seamlessly

Options to Deploy

Options to Deploy Available on cloud, On-Premises (Ent) and Hybrid Solutions


Covers entire gamut of HR activities for employees and HR in the organization

Quick Rollout

Timeframe to implement and launch is quick and optimized

Mobile First

Available on the mobile, use on the go

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In a world where remote working is becoming a standard practice, the workflow must be managed in a standardized manner to achieve customer satisfaction and comply with all the necessary regulations. This is especially important while managing a workforce where you need to integrate different teams, conduct training programmes, regularly update employee records, and keep all employee-related information including attendance, payroll, performance, personal data, etc. You need HR workflow management systems to help HR managers automate repeatable tasks, thereby improving their productivity.
Beehive Software is a cloud-based HRMS that provides efficient HR workflow management to simplify the HRs’ daily tasks, eliminate mistakes and boost performance. An efficient HR workflow management system helps complete all the necessary repeated HR tasks in a timely and transparent manner.
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How does Beehive cloud-based HRMS help your tasks?

Business Processes in Cloud
Organizations generally follow a document-based approach to managing procedures and approvals. As a result, any request requires approval and processing from different levels of hierarchies. This reduces the speed of decision making in organizations. HR workflow management systems help you create a system for different processes that can be managed through a cloud-based system that enables faster decision-making ensuring security and transparency at all levels. This leads to automation of repeatable HR functions and reduces complexities. Having HR workflow processes like recruitment on the cloud helps you monitor the status of various positions that need to be filled up at organizations, automate their onboarding tasks and create transparent performance appraisals.
Automated Workflows
Since most of the HR workflows are repetitive in nature, automating these workflows helps in the following manner:
  • Reduce manual errors
  • Reduce repetition and hence costs
  • Save time and improve productivity
  • Boost Employee Morale
  • Improve the bottom line
  • Improves transparency
  • Ensures Data Security
Beehive Software has been designed to improve workflow practices in all kinds of industries – be it manufacturing or service sector. It has also been proven to work in organizations of various sizes right from start-ups to multi-country organizations.
Here are two examples of HR workflows that Beehive can help you automate:
Onboarding employees require new employees to go through a large amount of paperwork, read different policies and rules, explain the workflow of the organization and so on. Being cloud-based, Beehive helps you, onboard employees, even remotely by helping them read policies online and electronically sign all required documents, thereby helping you complete onboarding faster and keep all documents online in one place.
Using Beehive Software leave requests can be filed on the cloud. As soon as an employee applies for leave online, the manager is informed of the leave and he/she can approve or reject the league online. This reduces manual intervention and leaves a correct record of all leaves availed by employees, easing the task of HRs.