Importance of Task Management Software in SME

Task Management is a process of managing a job through its life cycle. It involves each and every process which every task requires. The process of task management includes planning, testing, tracking & reporting. Previously these tasks were done manually, but after the implementation of digitization in every industry, the digital methods are used.
Undertaking task management is more than a daily agenda. It implies undertakings from start to finish, assigning subtasks to partners, and setting due dates to ensure ventures complete the target on time. Task management requires dealing with all parts of an undertaking, including its status, need, time, human power and money related assets assignments, repeat, reliance, notices etc. These can be lumped together extensively into the fundamental exercises of task management.
Dealing with different people or group assignments may require specific programming, for instance, work process or undertaking administration programming. Truth be told, numerous individuals trust that assignment administration should fill in as an establishment for venture administration activities.
Task management software has replaced the complex paperwork from the organizations. The task management software performs each and every process. This software is used to manage the tasks, resources, helps in estimation and scheduling and etc.

Since the organizations are distributed to several geographical locations with a distributed team, the traditional ways of managing projects and tasks are no longer able to provide the real-time visibility.
The transparent visibility is quite important and so is fulfilled by the task management software. Modern task management software will provide a wide range of features and services and some of them are:

1. E-mail Notifications: This feature will notify each and every member of the team whenever a work of token is raised.
2. Integration APIs: Task management software is integrated with different application programming interface.
3. Billing & Invoicing: This also includes the feature of billing & invoicing
4. User Authentication, Authorization & Security: These applications are also embedded with the security features to maintain the integrity & credibility of data.
Importance of task management software?

Task management software is important due to the following reasons:
1. It reduces the complex paper work
2. Availability, credibility & integrity of data and information.
3. The speed of processing the tasks increases
4. Time & cost reduces
5. Is highly secured in comparison with the traditional techniques because it involves proper authorization & authentication.
Features of task management software There are a variety of useful features which are associated with the task management software and some of them are: 1. It develops high-level requirements with initial estimates.
2. It creates notional project-schedule with major releases.
3. It prioritizes and schedules the requirements.
4. It determines the resourcing levels to deliver required features.
5. It assigns the tasks and requirements using agile planning board.
6. It allocates requirements to iterations based on detailed task estimates.
7. It load-balance project resources to accelerate the project velocity
How to choose a task management software? One must have to look some basic features while choosing a task management software. And, some of the basic features that your chosen task management software must have are:

1. It must have a task organization feature.
2. Must include task-editing feature, so that the user can easily edit.
3. It must include visual planning & scheduling.
4. The selected task manager software must have the customizable workflow.
5. It should have e-mail notification feature.
6. It must include the feature of document management.
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