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Our HRMS Solutions

Hr Essentials

  • Capture & Manage Employee Master file
  • Set Up and map org Levels and Multiple companies
  • Easy access control set up for data
  • Get Analyzable insights on Emp Data

Leave Management

  • Flexible policy set up
  • Integration with supporting functions
  • Shift scheduling and other compliances
  • Mobile based ESS transactions

Exit Management

  • Resignation approval workflow
  • No Dues clearance process
  • Full and Final Settlement
  • HR Exit questionnaire and feedback

Payroll Management

  • Unlimited earning and deduction calculation
  • Flexi Basket and benefits administration
  • Statutory compliances and filling support
  • Reimbursement, loans and IT computation

Travel Management

  • Define eligibilities and entitlements
  • Travel and Expense approval workflow
  • Multi-Currency support on calculations
  • Reimbursement, loans and IT computation

Performance & Goals

  • KRA and Goals set up with approvals
  • Support multiple assessment methods
  • Continuous feedback mechanism
  • Appraisals and Letters

Training Administration

  • Training Calendar Broadcast
  • Self-nomination and recommendation
  • Training Needs Identification
  • Training Effectiveness feedback

Recruitment & Onboard

  • Manpower planning and budgeting
  • Requisition and approval workflow
  • Integration with job portals
  • Candidate e-onboarding

Grievance Management

  • Flexibility to define helpdesk functions
  • Location specific workflow
  • Employee Feedback
  • SLA and Escalation matrix

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Key Features


Covers entire gamut of HR activities for employees and HR in the organization


Secured application designed to keep data security as primary importance

Greater ROI

Automation save time and concentrate on business activities and happier workplace


Caters to vertical specific Hr activities and requirement of each business

API Ready

Connect HR with your business systems easily and seamlessly

Options to Deploy

Options to Deploy Available on cloud, On-Premises (Ent) and Hybrid Solutions


Covers entire gamut of HR activities for employees and HR in the organization

Quick Rollout

Timeframe to implement and launch is quick and optimized

Mobile First

Available on the mobile, use on the go

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Human Resource Management is crucial. It has a direct impact on the overall productivity of an organization. Focusing on human resources and employing cutting-edge solutions can enable one to effortlessly manage the workforce across the organization.
Human Resource management systems are the new age technologically-driven tools that manage small business functions. The computer-based system handles every aspect of human resource management including payroll, time and attendance, leave management, performance evaluation and much more.

Beehive Software introduces contemporary Hrms Software In Chennai. Our HRMS software is developed using new-age systems and tools. The HRMS software makes it easy to administer various HR activities.

Best HRMS Software in Chennai

The features of the Beehive Software Human Resource Management System

Time and attendance:
Tracking the time and attendance of employees is one of the most important tasks of the HR department. The various tools and features of HR software records the time in and time out of the employees. Moreover, HRMS also computes and calculates the leaves of the employees.
Recruitment and training:
The main function of the HR department is to scout the right talent for the right positions. The HRMS provides one access to multiple recruiting platforms. The HRMS also assists in the company onboarding process. It smoothens the onboarding and induction process. The HRMS streamlines the onboarding procedure and sets the new employees in the organization.
Improves employee retention:
Employee turnover can be one of the greatest hindrances to the success of the organization. Employee retention can drive more success and stability in the organization. Human Resource Management Systems can improve employee engagement, team building and transform employees into productive teams.
HRMS is well-integrated with cloud platforms. HR Software can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Secured authentication restricts unauthorized access. The data of the business is safe and secured.
Leverage technology to the fullest with HRMS Software In Chennai
HRMS automates the human resource management and planning functions. It automates the human resource management process and enables HR personnel to focus on core activities. It accelerates the recruitment process, monitors KPI, manages routine functions and much more. The real-time data tracking and reviewing systems make it easy to review, and evaluate the performance of the employees and make strategic decisions. HRMS software in Chennai centralizes the HR system and improves overall efficiency and productivity.
Now meticulously manage human resources and maximize HR functionality with contemporary HRMS.