Performance Management System

September 16, 2017
How does Employee Performance Appraisal System benefit the company

How does Employee Performance Appraisal System benefit the company?

September 7, 2017
6 tips for effective performance management

6 Tips For Effective Performance Management

August 31, 2017
Performance management system annual appraisal

Why is it time to ditch the annual appraisal process and replace it with real-time feedback?

May 5, 2017
Performance Management

Why Should You Gear Up Your Performance Appraisal Software?

By integrating learning and performance management, organizations can effectively identify workforce trends in a more predictive manner, target organizational capability gaps and build effective training programs […]
May 2, 2017
Performance Management System

Learning and performance management – how are they interlinked?

Recognition is the key driver for an employee. It’s interesting to note that employees actually look forward to performance evaluations and actually prefer negative recognition to […]
April 28, 2017

Top trends and challenges in Performance Management

When it comes to performance management, fairness and accuracy play a very important role.  It is a process by which managers and employees work together to […]
April 24, 2017
Reasons Why Performance Appraisals Are Essential (2)

Reasons Why Performance Appraisals Are Essential

Performance evaluations provide quantitative measurements that are essential for a production-oriented work environment. They also provide metrics that show the quality of the employee’s work. Employee […]
March 28, 2017

A basic guide to performance management for small businesses

If you are a start up or a relatively small business, conducting employee performance appraisals may seem like quite some task. Planning these appraisals the way […]
March 20, 2017

An Effective Performance Management System Can Help Retain Top Talent

The competition is getting fiercer by the day and there is a lot of demand for highly qualified, experienced employees. Organizations spend a lot of time, […]
February 21, 2017

Employee Development – How Is It Linked To Performance Management System

Employee development plans really work when they are linked to performance management. The two can almost never be treated as two separate entities. Both are interlinked. […]